Audits, development and expert marketing for crypto projects

With us your blockchain ideas come to life so you can build the next best DeFi protocol


Expert hackers secure your code to the highest standards


Any program you can imagine. We're great at MEV bots too!


We get you thousands of quality investors to your proiect in days

Audits by professional hackers

With our line-by-line analysis and vulnerability discovery by using attacks focused on fund extraction, we're able to protect your smart contracts under all circumstances. For just $20 per line of code, excluding openzeppelin imports, your contract will be securely protected.

Development by experts

If you can imagine it we can make it happen. From beautiful frontends to complex backends, we take care of all the coding specially smart contracts. We are experts at building MEV bots such as arbitrage / sniping / frontrunning / liquididation bots and more. Simply ask us.

Next level marketing

We get you thousands of real investors into your telegram / discord / twitter communities in order to reach your funding goals optimizing your money so you get the best results.

Let us assist you

Unsure about what to do next? Or simply want the whole package for a done-for-you solution? We got you covered. Simply book a call and let us find a solution that works for your budget.